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Historian University of Medan (Unimed) Phill Ichwan Azhari deliver research results in Germany related to the etymology (the origin of the word) and genealogy (the origin of the derivative) Batak. Conclusion Ichwan: Batak Batak did not come from myself, but constructed and confirmed travelers west German missionaries who came to the Batak land since the 1860's. True?
Batak scientist who is also Professor in the Department of History Unimed Simanjuntak Prof Bungaran A little 'hot' with the publication Ichwan it. According Bungaran, no need too believe in the archives in Germany. "Not necessarily the archives there is a valid archive, need to be confirmed again. I think we do not need too escalated-hebatkan archives there, "he said via mobile phones, on Thursday (18/11) last.
Bungaran asserted, the origin of Batak ethnic names is the result of culture and history in North Sumatra. "Batak is one word of the Batak language itself that means riders.From this side Batak name appears. This name has long been there, "he said.
According to him, a race of Mongolian ethnic Batak Mansuria. "It started about 5000 years ago, the Mongols fought with the Tar-tar, cornered and then fled toward the Eastern Indonesia through China. The Mongol army at the time were riding horses, and local communities in Eastern Indonesia (then not yet ethnic Batak) to name this Mongol army with 'Batak.' That was the beginning of Batak ethnic names, "said Bungaran.
Not That New
For some people, the research results that may surprise Ichwan. But for most others, is a polemic that is 'stale', because it has been since the beginning of the 20th century word meaning and origin of the Batak dipolemikkan. The name or word as the name of an ethnic Batak in Indonesia, for example, already discussed in several newspaper publishing in the 1900s. A number of authors when it was argued, what the real sense of the word (name) Batak and from which the origin of that word?
In the newspaper Pewarta Deli No. 82 year 1919, for example, the polemic between a writer who uses the pseudonym "Batak na so Tarporso" with J Simanjuntak. The same polemic occurs at a weekly newspaper published around HKBP in editions 1919 and 1920.
A writer using the initials "JS" in a short article in the newspaper edition of August 17, 1919 Emmanuel, finally emerge as a mediator between the existing disagreement. JS quoting a book titled "History Poelaoe Soematra" Dja Endar Moeda essay published in 1903, there is page 64 writes: "Adapoen nation mendoedoeki residentie Tapanoeli sn, is the nation Batak name. Adapoen word "Batak" sn sense: oerang good at riding.There is still a Batak word in use, jaitoe "mamatak", which means climbing koeda.Kemoedian day people perboeatlah pemaki said word was made (a play) to the sn ... "
Based on a number of references, generally implies a Batak word definition of bravery or courage. According to Ambrose Hutabarat his record in Batak Star newspaper in 1938, the notion of Batak was adept person mount a horse, also illustrates that the tribe was known as a spirited tribe loud, bold, powerful. The horse is a symbol of virility, courage on the battlefield, or the gallantry to face the danger / obstacle.
In fact, one of the Batak thinker at the time, Drs DJ Gultom King Marpodang write the theory that the Batak tribe is sai-Batak tribe hyper Hoda which means horse. The origin of the Batak ethnic group based on the theory are immigrants from the Dutch East Indies (around Southeast Asia now), go to the island of Sumatra in the displacement of the nations in Asia.
Drs DJ Gultom even bother to conduct a series of intensive investigation regarding the meaning of the word Batak by reading the history, legends, mythology, including interviews with elders, cultural and traditional leaders.Some word "hobo", among others, are found in almost all sub-ethnic Batak language began to Pak-pak, Karo, Simalungun, Mandailing and Toba, which generally means heroic, not negative. Various explanations are given to rectify the perception as if 'Batak' is a flow / beliefs of a religion that was developed by certain parties to discredit the image of the Batak at the time.
But in Ichwan examination of the archives in Germany, the search data in KITLV (Royal Tropical Institute voor Taal-, Land-en Volkenkunde or the Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) in the Netherlands, there is absolutely no explanation of the definition as a rider Batak horse, which then spoofed so that it becomes very pejorative against kebatakan identity.
On the sources of classical Malay manuscripts, was found among the Batak word Malay in Malaysia, but as a label for people who live in the jungle interior of the peninsula. Not only in Malaysia, the Philippines also called the population of coastal residents inland with streotip or negative label as the Batak. Not surprisingly, researchers Batak Dutchman named Van der Tuuk, never worry and reminded the German missionaries for not using the Batak for ethnic names because of the negative image of the word.
"In Malaysia and the Philippines population are labeled Batak do not want to use a degrading label into their ethnic names. In North Sumatra, the label continued to be used because of the role of German missionaries and the Dutch colonial government that gives new meaning construction and of the word, "he said.
In ancient maps, good maps made brick Lander German researcher Wilhelm Friedrich Franz Junghuhn, as well as other maps before and after maps Junghuhn made. Lander said the brick is only used as the title of the map but inside it just looks bigger than the title names such as Toba, Silindung, Rajah, Pac Pac, Karo, and no hobo names at all. In one map in the map Batak word used as a barrier to the Minangkabau region of Aceh.
Starting from Daniel Perret
According to one observer Kebatakan, Thompson Hs, Ichwan Azhari research is related to the issue of Batak who raised Daniel Perret in his book Colonialism and Ethnicity Sumatra Batak and Malay in the Northeast. The book was already seminar by PUSSIS Ichwan Azhari own leadership.In the book of Daniel Perret, all terms Batak noted in quotation marks and identification of "hobo" in a colonial setting time was part of a dichotomy between the Malay sultanate that are considered civilized through and become Muslim and the position of those "hobo" who have not embraced Islam that is considered stereotypical from people who are not civilized.
"I think this dichotomy Map wish to return by Ichwan Azhari disclosed without revealing the position of Malays in North Sumatra. Let's see the connection his research, "said Thompson.
According to Thompson, Ichwan research was also related to the interests of the issues debated again by the Batak Karo some people lately. In a discussion on Padangbulan recently, identity in relation to the Batak Karo, again sued. The lawsuit arises from an anthropologist Karo, Champion Ginting. Champion questioned again pinned on background said the Batak Karo tribe. According to Champion, there is no association between the Batak with Karo. Winners do not agree if deemed Batak Karo, Karo because the standards have independent customs. If there is any resemblance can not be directly claimed, must be viewed from many sides.
"Of course people do not have to be a Batak Karo. That may be another basis in addition to the arguments that took Champion Rimanta Ginter old records in general.Then the Toba people themselves also can also considers himself not a Batak. Mamun problem is not there, "said Thompson.
Mandailing Society also refused to be called Batak. For Mandailing been known since the 14th century, shows the presence of one nation and the region named Mandailing.Mandailing name listed in the book that records Nagarakretagama expansion of Majapahit region around 1365 AD
But 'Batak' not at all mentioned in the book. Batak name itself does not know its origin.Some say the term was used by the Batak people of coastal Malays like to call people in the interior of Sumatra, Batak, Malays sepertimana called 'natives', Sakai and Adam's apple.

When the Dutch master the Malay sultanates, they not only include these sultanates into the colonial system, but also took over the separation of Batak-Malays. The Netherlands who later membatakkan nation / race Mandailing in perception, response, writings, and the Dutch administrative census.Back to the results of research Ichwan. According to him, the concept of Batak from the missionaries used the original German community in the region of North Tapanuli, but further strengthens cengekraman used Dutch colonial ideology.Slowly it extends the concept of Batak Dutch used including a statement of identity by people outside the area of Toba. Dutch researchers then formulate the concept of sub-tribe hobo in colonial anthropology Batak ethnic divide in several sub-tribes such as the sub-tribe of Batak Toba, Batak Mandailing, Karo Batak, Batak Simalungun and Batak Pak Pak. (Panda MT Siallagan / Saz / bbs

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sexy lands for indonesia

Sempu Island, is a small island located south of Java Island. The island is located in Malang regency, East Java. Currently Sempu a nature reserve area that is protected by the government. In this island barely brackish water found in the eye.

Geographically, the island Sempu located between 112 ° 40 '45 "- 112 ° 42' 45" east longitude and 8 ° 27 '24 "- 8 ° 24' 54" south latitude. The island has an area of approximately 877 hectares, bordering the Strait Sempu (Spring Blue) and besieged the Indian Ocean on the south side, East and West.

Sempu Island can be reached from Malang through Blue Spring Beach, and crossings using fishing boats, and get a license.
Sempu Island is an island located in the poor south. The island is uninhabited and only consists of hilly forest which is largely of mangrove forest. Sempu island has a lake that is Segoro puppies, this lake is a lake tides are beautiful like a beach in the film BEACH, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Despite having a depth of about 5 meters, the lake is safe for the activities of snorkeling or just swimming because it was freed from the Indian ocean sea waves. Snorkling in sogoro chicks give the feel of its own because of unspoiled coral reefs and untouched hands of ignorant humans.
Preparation of equipment and supplies
Equipment and supplies that need to be prepared not berdeda with which we are preparing for tracking or up the mountain, because the island Sempu there are no settlements. Recommended equipment includes: tent, sleeping bag, stove paraffin or military standard briquettes, knife, whistle, flashlight, matches, fish hooks (fishing), rainwear, jackets, and shoes a la paint tracking, Handy Talky (to keep contac with perhutani supervisor in spring blue). Recommended supplies include: Supply of food, enough clean water keeping in the island Sempu no source of fresh water, anti-mosquito cream, salt precipitation (for sown around the tent as a snake repellent.)
Go to Sempu Island
This discussion we restrict for the route from the poor town, precisely Arjosari terminal or a new station, which is unfortunate fashion door transportation between cities as well as the entrance to the city poor.

1. Entrance Malang
2. Arjosari Terminal: This terminal is an inter-city terminal. Arjosari ride public transportation from terminal to terminal in the town of Tower. Used public transportation is public transportation to label AG (Arjosari gadang) Rp.2000 rate, -
3. New Malang Station: This station is a station between cities. From New Malang station ride public transportation to the terminal in the town of Tower. Used public transportation is public transportation with the LG label (Landungsari gadang) with tariff Rp.2000, -
4. Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport: If you chose to ride a plane to go to Surabaya diasarankan poor first because the price of airline tickets would be much cheaper. (Prove it). Yes if you are already from the airport was forced to take a taxi bro, because the poor there is no airport bus, such as in Jakarta or Surabaya. Take a taxi to the terminal Gadang.
1. Gadang to Market Turen
Mode of transportation used by the public transportation in the form of Isuzu Elf. Used public transportation called Bison Rp.4000 rate, -. It should be noted is there is no public transportation in the evening. Suggested start arriving at the Tower of not more than 1 pm (remember ketersedianan angakutan to the next route)

1. Turen market into Blue Spring
Mode of transportation used by the public transportation but do not be surprised if dimuatin passengers with an amazing amount. Public transportation is a Suzuki Carry to the charge until 15 people. (Prove it). The route which it passes is of a route up and down the mountains like a Roller Coaster ride in Dufan (Poisson). Rates are generally wholesale to public transportation but if dihitung2 per person ga lebh from Rp.3000, -.

1. Blue Spring Island Sempu
Sempu island can be reached by boat. Boat rental is the wholesale price means that the rent is per trip. For motor boats Rp.70.000, - until Rp 100,000, - and for the rowing boat Rp 30,000, - until 50.000, -. Advised to go in groups because it would save on rent boats. All you have to do here is a list to post perhutani supervision and administration pay Rp.2000 .- per person. (Do not forget to ask for a map of the island Sempu and mobile phone numbers or postal supervisor frekwesi setting Handy Talky). If you got to the blue spring late afternoon or over the middle of the day should be camping disendang blue, because the trip to the lake chicks are still about 5 hours. Blue Spring is a fishing pier and place the fish auction. It is recommended you buy the fish here as an additional food supply. At night you should bongkrong in the shop to mingle with local people and find information that can drive you boat during the morning, you should look for a boat that can pick you back on the island Sempu when you intend to go home. This should be the first to talk about because not every time a boat to the island Sempu. It is recommended to ask for mobile numbers of boat owners.

1. Sempu Island
Sempu On the island you will land in the northern part of the island while Segoro Tillers are in the south of the island. There is a footpath following the course instructions, you will walk through the woods up the hill for 3 to 4 hours (recommended you choose a clear path and always turn left every intersection). Having reached immediately puppy you should immediately seek firewood as a campfire before dark and make the tent as a shelter.
The beauty of the island Sempu you can enjoy from morning until dark to come. In Segoro Chicks is a good place to fish, you can fish for sea as side dishes. You also can snorkel all day around Segoro Tillers with charm coral reefs. You also can play ball or just bejemur a nap on the beach of fine white sand and a peaceful breeze.
Returning from the island Sempu. When you go home are advised to leave early today so that you get to the back of the hill at noon. Furthermore, according to the agreement awaiting pick up your boat with boat owners. While waiting for a good idea to pick up lunch prepared by burning fish or other foodstuffs that you carry. At the time until the blue spring is no possibility of transport to the market Turen, again you will be required for camping in spring blue. The next morning there will be a lot of freight coming to take people to the Market Turen.